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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
18513393411535373502985*Ashton WrightEast Gippsland Cats - U/142020/2021WDCA - U/14 Tournament1 1WDCA T & H Academy U/14
28111309591535366206681*Navdeep S PurbaSaltwater Pirates 12020/2021WDCA 30/30 Grade Sunday2 1Grand United
36419541341535373502264Macauley A PendergastEast Gippsland Cats - U/122020/2021WDCA - U/12 Tournament1 1WDCA T & H CricketU/12
46011309591535372620060Navdeep S PurbaSaltwater Pirates 12020/2021WDCA 30/30 Grade SundaySF 1Altona North
55910879041535373502859Alvin G SimonWDCA T & H Academy U/142020/2021WDCA - U/14 Tournament2 1East Gippsland Cats - U/14
65611659701535373502356Mitchell S RobinsonEast Gippsland Cats - U/122020/2021WDCA - U/12 Tournament2 1WDCA T & H CricketU/12
7549771781535373501854Thomas B WrigglesworthEast Gippsland Cats - U/162020/2021WDCA - U/16 Tournament1 1WDCA T & H CricketU/16
85210012791535373501952Austin BauerEast Gippsland Cats - U/162020/2021WDCA - U/16 Tournament2 1WDCA T & H CricketU/16
95110012791535373502051Austin BauerEast Gippsland Cats - U/162020/2021WDCA - U/16 Tournament3 1WDCA T & H CricketU/16
10519151221535373502751Hayden WrigglesworthEast Gippsland Cats - U/142020/2021WDCA - U/14 Tournament3 1WDCA T & H Academy U/14
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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